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Visual Merchandising Challenges and New Technologies

Technologies are getting into retail spaces, supermarkets and many other stores, most of them come in different payment methods to encourage cashless payment, and for bigger stores, “self-checkout” is becoming a trend as well.

Buying decisions are getting made on the shelves. Retail point is one of the most critical part of the brand journey.

Digitisation has made consumers more discerning. They no longer buy a product because it is famous. They do their due diligence before making a purchase.

With more awareness on QR codes and increase mobile usage, there are a lot of opportunities is using this new technologies.

Product Performance QR Code (PPQR)

By adding QR codes on the shelves, floors and adding an incentive to get customers to scan the QR codes. When QR codes are introduced into the customer journey, this increase the number of touch points where the customers can view your brand and offering. It can also provide the final push to help customers make that critical buying decision in picking your brand.

How does PPQR help in your brand marketing?

PPQR helps in providing critical information to help customers understand the product benefits better. It is optimized to deliver information that convince consumers to make their purchase decision.

There are also analytics available, unlike traditional promoters in the stores where you have no visibility on the effectiveness of the campaign. With data and analytics, the information can be tracked and analyzed to enhance further performance.

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