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Better Brand Experience During COVID-19 for Retail

After working with a few clients and experiencing the panic buys first hand, here are some tips that we want to share that we feel that other countries that may be experiencing this can learn.

It is important to take note that there is going to be Panic Buys during the COVID-19 Crisis globally. Shops that sell essentials should consider the welfare for the more vulnerable customers.

During a rush and panic buy, the situation can create risks of spreading the virus or injuries to vulnerable customers. In view of this situation, Supermarkets, Pharmacies and other stores which may sell essentials that are in high demand, should:

  1. Ensure enough quantity. The supply chain may be disrupted, so having more stock for products in demand is important.

  2. Restrict sales. For products like toilet paper, hand sanitizers and other food items, restrict sales to customers to prevent a few customers from buying everything. Empty shelves will only fuel the fear.

  3. Have a Senior and Disability Friendly Sales Hour. Keep some stock and restock for a “Senior Sales hour” to allow seniors to go shop at a less frantic environment. (Woolworths introduces dedicated shopping hour for the elderly and disabled)

  4. Restrict the number of shoppers. If your shop has limited space and limited payment counters, limit the number of people in the store. People will either wait in long queues within the store, increase the risks of spreading the virus or let them wait in line to enter the store. Those who are not buying essentials can see the queue and come back later, instead of waiting in line at the checkout counter.

  5. Post signs of items that are stocked out at the entrance. If you know people are buying an item that is sold out, put BIG signs and display items sold out at the entrance. Customers do not need to enter and waste their time.

Little actions do add up to improve the better brand experience and reducing the amount of shoppers in the store, having less queues at the checkout counters, can also reduce the risks of spreading the virus to the staff.

Every little bit helps.

Let’s cooperate and end this pandemic soon!

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