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  1. Discovery & Analysis – A thorough discovery and analysis of the client's business goals, challenges, and opportunities. This involves defining the scope of work and creating a project plan to guide the engagement. Visibility Design also conducts an analysis of the customer journey, user behaviour, and market trends to identify pain points, opportunities, and solutions. This step is critical to ensure that the solution developed by Visibility Design meets the unique needs of the client.                                               

  2. Design Thinking Workshop – Conducts design thinking workshops with key stakeholders to ideate and co-create solutions. These workshops involve generating user personas, customer journey maps, and user flows to gain a deep understanding of the customer's needs and desires. This phase is essential for developing a human-centred solution that meets the unique needs of the client.                                                                                     

  3. Technology Implementation – This involves developing custom software solutions tailored to the specific needs of the client. The team at Visibility Design also integrates the software with existing systems and third-party platforms to ensure seamless functionality. In this phase, the latest technologies such as Al, IoT, and cloud computing are leveraged to enhance the customer experience.                                                                  

  4. Deployment & Testing – After the software is developed, Visibility Design deploys the solution and conducts thorough testing to ensure that it is functional and usable. User acceptance testing and usability testing are conducted to gather feedback from end-users, which is then incorporated into the design and development process. This phase ensures that the solution is effective and meets the needs of the end-users.                                                                                                                        

  5. Continuous Improvement – Ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that the software is up-to-date and secure. Regular usability testing and feedback from end-users are gathered to make iterative improvements to the solution. This phase ensures that the solution remains relevant and effective over time.

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