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Medical Device: Training Gamificatio


Gamification Training

Augmented Reality

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Augmented reality function guides users on set up procedures, check operation readiness and even demonstrate safe installation methods of AED at home or office. 

AR lets device rotate in 360 degrees to explain all external features and functions of the machine. Videos to supplement the ‘medical device technical file’ are also available for more ‘intricate’ instructions e.g. user- maintenance, recommended yearly check list etc. 

Electronic defibrillators (AED) have recorded high efficacy levels when CPR is also administered. Animated instructions guide users on machine set-up procedures and how to perform CPR fundamentals via a interactive-response ‘game’. 

By swiping one’s index finger up and down on a designated ‘glowing’ button to mimic CPR, a user is trained on the frequency and intensity of the ‘reps’. Voice instructions along with a progress bar will prompt when pace or ‘depth’ is insufficient. 

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