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Up that take out Game.

With the current crisis, more people are working from home and more people are doing takeouts. Delivery services are getting popular at a time where the number of seats are getting limited due to social distancing restriction.

Some restaurants and cafes see this as bad news. Their costs are increased as delivery does take a big cut into their profits, and their business is having less sales despite the uptake in delivery. (For businesses in city area)

This has been more than 6 months since COVID-19 has spread throughout the world and with no vaccines in sight, along with the spreading of second wave in some countries, business need to adjust and not have the mindset of waiting for it to blow over.

Many companies who experienced less sales are now trying to get more attention by going online and partnering with other popular sites for services. Some have gone to social media and gave discounts and coupons to attract customers. These solutions do work, but they do cost money.

Recently, I’ve seen some takeaway solutions that simply have beautiful and functional packaging and it immediately caught my attention, so I’m here to share some of the nicer examples.

If your are paying so much for delivery fees, make sure the delivery attracts attention! When customers orders food for takeaway that comes in recycled cardboard which is simply beautiful, stackable and best of all, fully functional, they will come back. And looking absolutely stunning is a bonus to attract other customers.

Presentation is very important, and strangely, many top tier restaurants that spend so much in interior decorations, but when it comes to takeaway, they simply give a plain white box that you cannot differentiate with any other takeaways. (But they charge a premium)

Do you think it is time to look at improving your takeaway options to attract attention?

Give us a call to discuss.

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