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Solving Problems with Tech (CSR)

The COVID-19 crisis has affected many different businesses and our lives may never be the same for a long time. Some businesses have failed, many lost their jobs. For F&B outlets, social distancing rules reduce seating capacities and enforce strict guidelines. Although there are subsidies and solutions provided by the government in the form of grants, the process for applying such grants is not so simple.

We work with a team of passionate people, focused to solve the problems and challenges posed by the current situation, to create solutions for the F&B outlets. From our initial engagement, we feel that low-cost solutions, and not more government grants are needed to support businesses. For many cases, the grant process is tedious and requires some cash upfront to be reimbursed later, there can also be many other costs involved and the solutions created may become a liability.

The QR Queue management system we created is a simple cost-effective solution to solve the problem of queues caused by the new social distancing measures. We feel that many of the restaurants may also face queue problems after the restrictions are lifted, and hence this solution will work for them after the crisis as well.

This crisis has advanced the adoption of a lot of new technology. Many users have also accepted and started using more QR based technologies after the government introduced SafeEntry system for contact tracing. Zoom, Webex and other online communication solutions are common as well.

With the adoption of technologies, are there any other solutions that can help businesses and accelerate our future economy?

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