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How do QR Codes help with your product sales?

QR Codes

Many companies are finding more creative ways to use QR Codes, because they are very versatile.

  • Cinemas use QR Codes on tickets to allow patrons to go in.

  • The government is using QR Codes for contact tracing.

  • People are using QR Codes on name cards to bring others to their LinkedIn profiles.

  • Companies are using QR Codes in trade shows on their banners to bring people to their webpage.

  • Finance companies are using QR codes for their payment gateway.

  • Brands are using QR codes of part of their scavenger hunt campaigns.

  • QR Codes are also used on coupons and promotions to display more information.

So why are QR Codes so popular?

With increased in smart phone usage and people getting more familiar with scanning it for the SafeEntry in Singapore, many Singaporeans can now interact with QR Codes. The awareness of how to use it has significantly increased in 2020.

Since launch, we have seen an average of 9 million daily check ins, with over 2.2 million unique users across 200,000 locations.” — GovTech, Sept 2020

What is Product Performance QR (PPQR)?

PPQR is a QR Code on your Visual Merchandising display, used to deliver critical information at retail stores — First Moment of Truth (FMOT).

How does PPQR work?

At the retail store, undecided consumers can be attracted to the strategically designed Visual Merchandising display and to facilitate decision making. Coupled with attractive incentive, it attracts consumers to access QR information.

The QR Code points consumers to a micro-site where essential information on the key product benefits, helping in decision making for the sale.

Sample customer journey (FMOT)

Ben walks into a supermarket and notices QR Codes on the floor at the tofu isle. As he was shopping for ingredients to make dinner, the graphics on the floor were enticing enough so he scanned the QR Codes.

“Hmmm, healthy recipes…”

After scanning the QR Code, Ben was brought to the mobile optimized website, where he found tofu health benefits and interesting recipes for dinner. Looking at the ingredients, he found that he had most of the ingredients in his basket and proceeded to buy the health tofu as recommended by the website.

Ben made the purchase and went home to try the recipes.

Sample customer journey 2 (SMOT)

Sam went to the supermarket and came across the prominent QR codes on the floor.

She bought SoyFirst tofu a day ago and was curious to find out more about the tofu health benefits and recipes, and so she took out his phone and scanned the QR Code.

Surprised by some of the interesting tofu recipes, Sam shared the recipe to her Facebook account so that she could recall the recipe later. She continued shopping and bought other ingredients needed in one of the recipes that interested her.

When Sam reached home, she followed the recipe and cooked the dish. When she finish cooking, Sam tasted the tofu dish and loved it. She plated the dish nicely and took a photo of it and shared it on her Instagram account with the hashtag, #SoyFirstTofu.

Other PPQR Ideas

PPQR is very versatile, QR Code can also be used for other campaigns.

Recycling / CSR projects

PPQR can direct the consumer to their recycling CSR project. It is hard for customers to know more about such projects in a congested retail isle, but allowing customers to scan the QR code with a brief description to read more on their own leisure, allows them to engage the campaign.

Recycling campaign

PPQR can share information (blogs, videos, infographics) on how to re-purpose used shampoo bottles into items like a cellphone holder, pencil holders, etc.

There can also be a campaign to get the consumers that buy the shampoo to bring their empty bottles to specific collection points. These bottles can then be used by special needs children or low income families through a handicraft workshop to be made into interesting and usable products for fund raising.

Lucky draws

PPQR can also be turned into a site to collect members’ data through a lucky draw. Customers key in their contact information for a chance to win a prize.

Games and contests

PPQR can also be used for games where customers can play and be engaged to share their score to win a prize. There can also be other forms of contests available to engage customers, bringing them from an offline site to online.

Possibilities are endless

With the right strategy and execution, PPQR can be applied to any campaign to enhance the execution, allowing the company to collect data for analysis.

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