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The FMCG industry has become very competitive. Because of evolving trends, market’s expectations and a constant influx of new food products; it has become even more important for brands to adopt best practices and consider expanding overseas.    


Moreover, the dynamic digital landscape and growing focus on sustainability has made it imperative for FMCG companies and manufacturers to integrate these practices into their businesses.


Visibility Design understands the challenges faced by FMCG companies and provides these innovative offers:

  • Enhance brand awareness through unique packaging design that captures your core values and attention of potential customers.   


  • Employ digital marketing strategies to reach target audience through various platforms and channels. 

  •  Conduct advertising campaigns or promotions marketing across digital and physical channels to elevate customer engagement and foster brand loyalty.   


  • Leverage our retail information system to effortlessly access multi-dimensional product information at the point of purchase, solidifying trust in your brand.                    

  • Implement advanced data analytics tools to gain valuable insights from customer behaviors and market dynamics, enabling informed decision-making and strategic adaptations to ever-evolving FMCG industry trends.


Write or call us for a non-obligatory discussion at: or +65 6345 4338 

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