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What is POSM – Point of Sales Marketing?

POSM (also called POPM or POP) stands for “Point of Sale Materials”. These are advertising materials that are used to communicate product information to the consumers at the point of sale.

POSM is part of visual merchandising or advertising campaign tool. There are many kinds of POSM’s used by brands for their promotions campaigns. These materials are used for promotions campaigns, exhibitions, and presentations and they attract consumer attention and promote the brand. Because of POSM appealing and informative nature, these materials are capable of encouraging purchases directly at the point of sale.

Types of POSM

There are no fix types, shapes & sizes of POSMs in the market however can be categorized basis their application in retail.

Posters: Posters are signage that is pasted on a flat vertical surface such as a wall. They generally come in the following sizes: Large (24” X 36”), Medium (18” X 24”), Small (11” X 17”), & A4. Depending upon the quality/brand/theme & other classifications printing quality can be decided by companies.

Danglers: Danglers are hanging signage that is “dangled” from the ceiling of a retail store. At its simplest, a Dangler can just be rectangular piece of thick paper with SALE written on it. On the other end, it can be a 3-dimensional model of the product.

Shelf Fins: Shelf Fins are signage protruding out from the shelf, perpendicular to the shelf. It is simply a board dividing a shelves and highlighting products in the area as you walk down the isle.

Standees: Standee is a self-standing display promoting a communication/campaign/scheme. It is generally placed outside of an outlet to grab attention of the passerby. Standees are of different types such as floor standee, rollup standee, cut out standee, canvas standee, MDF standee, LED Standee, 3D standee etc.

Bunting: Small stickers/flags/ribbons tagged together with thread in a sequence keeping uniform distance is known as bunting in POSM terminology. Bunting is usually a POSM used on doors or windows.

Gondolas, Endcaps, Display Stands : (Described -> here <-)

Other PoSMs: Other major types of POSMs are stickers, wobblers, LED window displays, levitating units, acrylic highlighter displays, etc. All these material are used in promoting the communications for brands.

POSM Design

POSM works. Have you ever noticed products lining up the queues at the checkout counters? This is an effective way to garner additional sales. The customer has made the decision to buy something, which makes it more likely that they’ll be open to buying an additional item — as long as it’s relatively inexpensive.

Simple signs with price stating “Promotion” or “Sales” are also good ways to promoting sales. Placing these promotions near checkout can allow customers to reach out and grab the item as they are paying for their purchases.

Other tips are also shared at the various displays at sales counter to encourage last minute purchases, like discounts for items with any purchase, where the signs can be visibly displayed and the discounted items are behind the counters, readily available for customers who want to purchase them.


POSM is a great strategy to increase sales. When done well, it encourages customers to buy more by making the experience more positive. If information is readily available and the shopping experience is not hampered, POSM is simply another last touchpoint for customer to find out more information before deciding to make that purchase.

It is an important part of marketing which should not be overlooked.

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