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Managing Pivots during COVID-19

The current situation we are facing is changing everyday. As many companies have given up on the situation and are waiting for handouts, some companies are forcing themselves and are changing.

What if you know that the current situation is going to last 6 months? Are you going to act now or are you still going to wait for help? There is a lot of uncertainties out there and there could be opportunities in the situation. There is an advantage in being the first mover, and it is important that you communicate and do this well.

There could be government subsidies too when you embrace technology in continuing the business, especially in Singapore.

LiHo launches S$48 – S$85 DIY bubble tea kit on Shopee after the government closes all the bubble tea stores in Singapore.

BoonSiew has launched a Virtual Showroom for people to browse the motorcycles online as showrooms are all closed.

All companies are impacted by the restrictions, and from the looks of things, the new changes are here to stay. Are you going to embrace new technologies that can enable your business to continue work, or are you going to give up and wait for a bail out?

The choice is up to you. But if you need some help in understanding and navigating the new norms and new tangible ways to engage customers during this period, feel free to contact us.

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