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Creative and Inspiring designs do not need to be expensive.

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Many of us want to have attractive packaging that sells itself, but the cost of production of some of the packaging can be costly. Many high end products comes in expensive packaging that makes it stand out from the crowd, but it does not need to be that way.

The following are some of the creative designs out there that are simply inspiring and they actually do not cost so much more to produce.

This gum packaging simply works, cutting a small window in your regular gum packaging to reveal the “teeth” both conveys the message that chewing gum can be good for your teeth.

I’ve seen these headphones in stores and the simplicity of the design simply works and conveys the message of the product as well.

Found this design online and it is simply hilarious, and with high protein that helps you build muscle, this definitely works.

This product actually has several purpose. It tells you it is chicken egg without reading the packaging and it is very attractive as well. and when the packaging is sealed, it also prevents people from opening the boxes to check on the eggs.

This is such an attractive visual display and if you see this on the shelves, won’t you want to buy it because of the packaging? I’d sold!

I’ve bought these from Japan before, and the teabags are simply beautiful when they are submerged in hot water. This brings the whole tea experience to the next level.

Overall, you can see from the examples that creative product packaging designs can actually drive sales, and the production costs of the products does not need to be high. Just put in more effort or get a little extra help in getting the right design and messaging for the story of your product. And remember, you are after customer experience, and the unboxing of your product is part of the experience as well.

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