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Art of Gifts With Purchase

For marketing products, Gifts with Purchase is one of the more cost effective way to promote the product. Who does not love gifts? This is also a good way to make customer buy more of the product to get the “free gift”.

The key idea of this is to promote your product, and improve your business. The big question for you now is how to execute it properly?

As a business, you should have an idea of what your customers want, what entities them to buy more and how it relates to your brand.

It makes sense for Milo to give a mug with their brand name, and if the design is attractive, and gift makes sense, customers would not mind buying more to get it.

What considerations should you have?


Seasons play a big role for Gifts with Purchase. Timing is key. When school is starting, if your products are used by kids, parents may be enticed to buy more with the appropriate gifts. During the holidays, a holiday gift could be the way to go.

Timing is essential for some gifts, and understanding the current trends can also attract more customers.

One of the main reasons why companies do Gifts with Purchase is because there are sales cycles in their products. If your company is already doing well during the holidays, there is no reason for you to do gifts with purchase. During the off peak seasons, gift with purchase can give the extra boost for customers to buy more because of the attractive gift.

Marketing and Promotion

Usually, having just a Gift with Purchase is not enough. You need to properly market it to let people know about the promotion. You will also need to ensure that you have enough inventory. There is nothing worse than a dissatisfied customer, and even though the item might be free, this might have been the sole cause of the initial purchase.

You need to market your Gift with Purchase accurately. The directions need to be very clear, and that it’s stated “while products last”. If you are giving vouchers and return coupons, make sure you have the expiry dates properly displayed. If there are terms and conditions with the Gift with Purchase, make sure the campaign is clear and sales staff trained. This could make a big difference between a failed campaign and a successful one.

Pro Tip

When giving away a free gift, ensure your company logo is prominently displayed. Do include your branding on the gift as this reminds your customers on where they got the FREE gifts from.

For added challenge and fun, you could have a series of Gift with Purchase that tells a story. Each gift come in a bundle and you can collect them all after a few purchases and it may form a set, or the gifts can be combined together to build something different altogether.

Feel free to contact us if you want to chat on how you can take your Gifts with Purchase to the next level.

Here is a Nasi-le-mug that contain your favorite drink for your Nasi Lemak.

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